1. I want to be your 2am can’t sleep text. I want you to be the person you look at differently than everyone else. I don’t want to be your friend anymore. You mean more to me than a friend.

  2. maybe life was meant to be fucked up. maybe we’re suppose to make mistakes, and hurt people’s feelings. maybe life’s just made to feel, and the only thing that’s felt the most is pain.

  3. miindf-cked:

    Bitches come and go so don’t think im gonna let you stay

  4. I’m happiest now in my life more than I ever have been before. All I did was stop giving a fuck about the negative shit. I learned.

  5. I love who I am. I love the part where happiness comes easy. I’m in love with my sadness. I’m a disaster that doesn’t want to be fixed.


  6. and then one day all the feelings changed. I didn’t look at the world like it’s just me. I look at the world and all I can see is you and me.

  7. fuck you for all the shit you put me through. fuck you and your throne of lies. bye bitch and don’t forget fuck you (^:


  8. 9/23/14

  9. (Source: miindf-cked)

  10. for me to find myself it took me to be alone and have no one but me. and finding myself was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. It was the hardest and scariest thing but in the end it was all worth it